8/8/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

News of Note: August 2019

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A market development agreement on a new finishing process, a conference on quick-response manufacturing, new robotics training centers in the United States, and other industry news.


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Sunnen Products Co. (St. Louis) and Sweden-based Applied Nano Surfaces (ANS) have entered into a joint market development agreement to advance technology and applications based on the Triboconditioning process recently patented by ANS. The process is said to reduce friction and wear on various steel and cast iron surfaces while improving surface finish, preventing seizures and enhancing product life.

Triboconditioning is a combined mechano-chemical surface treatment process that uses a machining procedure to level off surface peaks and apply a friction- and wear-reducing compound to the component surface. Read More

Here is some more news to note: 

  • WOTM to Host Workshop on Quick-Response Manufacturing – On August 13, 2019, Women of Today’s Manufacturing (WOTM) is hosting a workshop on Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) titled “It’s About Time!: Increasing Your Manufacturing Competitive Advantage.” Read More.
  • Universal Robots Opens Authorized Training Centers (ATCs) – Through hands-on classes hosted by UR trained teachers, the ATCs aim to broaden users’ understanding of the UR cobots’ range of use cases, while providing opportunities for hands-on practice in real-life applications. Read More.
  • Mazak's Discover 2019 Event to Commemorate 100th Anniversary – The event will feature several learning seminars with Mazak’s partners, access to Mazak application experts, a student day for recruitment and regularly scheduled tours of the Mazak iSmart Factory. Read More.


  • Machining with Robots

    Several exhibitors at the recent EMO show in Hannover, Germany, featured demonstrations of robotic arms wielding live cutting tools such as end mills or face mills. Perhaps the most dramatic demo was presented by Delcam to showcase this CAM developer’s PowerMill Robot Interface.

  • Flexible Robot Arm Boosts Production

    By incorporating Universal Robot’s UR5 robot arm into its production process, RSS Manufacturing & Phylrich was able to take on a new job and free 30 percent more capacity from existing machines.

  • The Unexpected Advantages of Robotic Automation

    This shop justified the robot solely through improved use of labor. Other benefits came to light after the automation arrived.