November 2017 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Robots & Automation

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This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on equipment for automating manufacturing processes.

The slideshow above, based Modern Machine Shop magazine’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight, features control equipment, pallet changers, software, end effectors and other equipment relating to machine shop automation.

Click through the slideshow for details, and follow the links for more information about each item.


  • Cycle Efficiency

    Automated machining processes enable this maker of high-performance mountain bike parts to manufacture efficiently with minimal staff.

  • The Unexpected Advantages of Robotic Automation

    This shop justified the robot solely through improved use of labor. Other benefits came to light after the automation arrived.

  • Flexible Robot Arm Boosts Production

    By incorporating Universal Robot’s UR5 robot arm into its production process, RSS Manufacturing & Phylrich was able to take on a new job and free 30 percent more capacity from existing machines.