“Pay as You Go” Probing?

With this atypical concept, users purchase a six-month credit token that enables unlimited use of an on-machine probing system during that period.


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The tool-setting probe automatically measures a tool’s length when the tooltip contacts the probe axially.


Shops can benefit from on-machine probes in multiple ways. Setups can be faster by probing to establish the location of a workpiece fixtured on a machine so the part program can be aligned to it. Probing can also be used for process control, whereby cutter compensations can be applied based on part measurement data. Plus, a tool-setting probe can automatically measure tool length and tool diameter to further speed setup time for a new job.

Renishaw offers a new twist on the on-machine probing concept: minimizing upfront costs by using a “pay as you go” model, whereby users purchase a six-month credit token that enables unlimited use of a probing system during that period.

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