PowerPoint for Setup Instructions

Machine tool operators at this shop can verify their setup procedures with this visual presentation.


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Precise Machining and Manufacturing of Tulsa, Oklahoma uses a six-machine pallet system to run 142 different aircraft-related part numbers. Read about that system in this article.
One innovation I didn’t get to talk about in that article relates to the way this shop instructs operators in setting up work for this system. Whenever a part number is ready for setup at one of the system’s load/unload stations, a PowerPoint presentation associated with that part number loads onto the monitor beside that station. Operators page through the presentation to follow the steps for each setup.
These PowerPoint files were primarily the work of Precise’s Lee Deshazer, who invested the better part of several weeks on taking the photos and capturing the correct setup instructions for all of this system’s parts. In the photo here, Precise’s Wes Viddaurri describes the system.