Road Report: Wish You Were Here

Our editors travel the world searching out the latest manufacturing technology. Read what Chris Koepfer, editor-in-chief of Production Machining, is learning about in Switzerland.


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Well, I’m on the road again—sing it for me Willie. My stalwart companions and I are schlepping across Switzerland and Germany to bring you the freshest and hottest news from Europe. As you can see from the photo below, my trusty steed, a Peugeot wagon, is carrying its weight and ours.
Our trusty steed, the Peugeot wagon.
First up on our Monday May 9th itinerary was a rush to the Zurich Airport to pick up our steed then a drive out to Rorschasherberg, Switzerland for a delightful meeting with the ever-enthusiastic Dr. Frank Brinken and his head of marketing Jurg Peters. Dr. Brinken is CEO of StarragHeckert/DST. The DST part of the company, Dorries Scharmann, which was acquired in early 2011, is on Dr. Brinken’s mind. He is working hard to blend synergies between these two famous brands, and he tells us to keep an eye out at EMO—it’s going to be good.
On the first day of the trip, we visited StarragHeckert.
Next up, was a cross-Switzerland trek to Willemin-Macodel. They make a line of bar-fed VMCs for production work in medical, aerospace, watch and many other industries. We met with the founder’s son, Patrick Haegeli, and project manager Julian Bardullas. Like Dr. Brinken, Mr. Haegeli is focused on EMO. His company has several new models to debut at at the show. 
We met with Patrick Haegeli of Willemin-Macodel.
Check out the pictures above, and keep an eye out for more field reports from your editor, currently at large.