Strategies and Techniques for Big-Part Machining

Sometimes quick turnaround efforts for this large-part machining business start with what’s parked outside its facility.


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This shop operates a fleet of trucks to ensure that customers’ big parts are handled safely and securely.


Sometimes quick-turnaround efforts for Aeromet Industries start with what’s parked outside its facility. The Indiana shop specializes in large-part machining and custom mandrel drum manufacturing. It maintains and operates a fleet of trucks exclusively for the benefit of customers that depend on the shop to get their parts moved quickly, safely and efficiently. Rapid response is critical to Aeromet’s customers, especially when it comes to repair work. Extended periods of downtime to repair processing line components can lead to significant losses for the customer. In fact, on the rare occasions that Aeromet is closed (it generally runs 24/7), emergency calls are routed directly to Mr. Wahlberg so he can immediately dispatch a driver to pick up damaged components.

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