1/2/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Sunnen Establishes Direct Sales Operations in Canada

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Beginning January 1, all Canadian orders and service requests will be handled directly by Canadian sales representatives and technical personnel.


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Sunnen Products Company announced that it is expanding its direct sales operations to Canada with the establishment of a Canadian sales and support team. The move, effective January 1, will enable the company to provide increased access to customer service and the full support of its corporate headquarters located in St. Louis, Missouri. The company’s products previously were available in Canada via a factory authorized distributor.

All Canadian orders and customer service requests will be handled directly by a staff of sales representatives and technical personnel. “This move brings us closer to our customer base and allows us to apply company standards to every aspect of the Sunnen experience in Canada,” says President and CEO Chris Miltenberger. “We’ve served the Canadian market for over 85 years through a distributor relationship. However, this move allows Sunnen to keep the focus on customers and the products and services that best serve them in this important market.”

The Sunnen Canada team includes French and English-speaking sales and service representatives led by Gordon Baker, a 25-year veteran of international sales and marketing for Sunnen.  “We have put together a group of individuals with many years of experience in honing and other bore sizing processes,” Mr. Baker says. “Our representatives will work closely with customers – analyzing application requirements, target tolerances, and process control needs – to develop highly customized solutions to meet their specific needs. With the full backing of Sunnen we expect to continue to meet the high-standards of our Canadian customers.”


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