Technologies Spotted at the Performance Racing Industry Show

Check out a slide show that contains a variety of manufacturing solutions on display at the recent Performance Racing Industry Show.


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Earlier this month, I got to attend the 24th annual Performance Racing Industry Show in Orlando. The PRI Show offers the latest advances in race products and engineering, such as engine parts, suspension components, data acquisition, electronics, safety gear, machining equipment and new metal alloys and coatings. It’s the world’s largest racing trade show, and this year’s event attracted 38,000 attendees and more than 1,000 exhibitors. Racing enthusiasts must feel like kids in a candy store walking the aisles of this show.
This is the second time I’ve attended the PRI Show, which is nice being the car guy that I am. I like the neat vibe you feel as you walk the show. The people there are passionate about racing, whether it’s their hobby or their business.

What I also appreciate, and I hope others who attend do as well, is the degree to which advanced manufacturing technology enables companies to create innovative new racing products. Some such equipment was on display in the show’s “Machinery Row,” This slide show contains some of the manufacturing solutions at the PRI Show that caught my eye.