The Brazil Experience

See what one editor encountered during his time at the FEIMAFE show in Sao Paulo and visits to area machine tool builders. And no, it didn’t involve soccer or Carnaval.


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With 12-hour flights, you usually end up halfway around the world ready to go to bed just as the locals are waking up. You spend your time abroad jetlagged and wondering what day it is. The odd aspect of flying 12 hours from Cincinnati to Brazil is that there’s only a 1-hour time difference. My body didn’t know whether it should be jetlagged or not.
Nonetheless, my second trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil was certainly interesting. I got to attend the FEIMAFE trade show again as well as visit facilities of a handful of machine tool builders there (Romi, Ergomat and Heller). I was also able to visit the main campus of SENAI, Brazil’s National Service of Industrial Apprenticeship, which is a non-profit organization created to promote professional development and technological education to young students. Its main facility is impressive, clean and filled with a number of advanced machine tools and other equipment for effective student training. (Wish we had such things here in the States…)
One portion of the SENAI vocational school in Brazil is dedicated to machine tool operator training. The confidence in the level of training provided is demonstrated by this 19-year-old student who is working with an advanced five-axis machine.

A lot has changed in Brazil since my last visit there six years ago. Learn more in this article with slideshow.