The Importance of Positive Culture

One of the most significant developments I am seeing in manufacturing is a recognition of the potential value of fostering an encouraging culture for employees.


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Photo taken at 3V Precision, Tacoma, Washington. This shop’s attention to employees includes daily shared breakfasts. Read more here.

One of subtlest but most significant developments I am seeing in manufacturing is a change in the culture of manufacturing businesses. A different understanding of, and appreciation for, the personal worth and individuality of production team members is something I’ve encountered in interactions with Baklund R&D and Staub Machine, as well as companies such as Defy that have come to manufacturing only recently and brought an outside culture with them.

If you are a shop owner or leader who thinks about company culture and how to shape it, please take some time to read one of my more recent articles about an example I found of a deliberately positive manufacturing environment. I went to 3V Precision to talk about Inconel, but it soon became clear that the mettle of this shop is as interesting as the metal.

The article makes the point that people are part of the process. Let me know what you think, and let me know if this article reminds you of any shops you know.