The Taiwanese Touch

Machine tool builders in Taiwan are striving to increase equipment capabilities while keeping unit prices down. This was evident at the TIMTOS trade show last March.


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At TIMTOS, Taiwan machine tool builders said their goal is to increase equipment capabilities
while keeping prices down.
Taiwan’s machine tool industry is advancing. The machine tool builders I saw at the show this past March say they are focused on improving the performance, capabilities and quality of their offerings while maintaining their traditionally low unit costs. This was evident in the selection of machines featured at the show, which, I must admit, included more five-axis and turn-mill offerings than I thought I’d encounter. There was also a noticeable selection of large machines, such as horizontal boring mills and vertical turning centers geared toward big oil and aerospace applications. And in addition to integrating more advanced machining capabilities into their designs, many builders explained that they are focused on developing more energy-efficient models. Increasingly aggressive R&D programs have helped in these efforts, supported by shared research parks that have been formed for some of the machine tool builders.
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Then, check out this slide show of some of the technologies I saw there.