The Value of Reverse Engineering

Are you able to benefit from offering reverse engineering services like this shop?


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The shop’s new portable CMM offers laser scanning capability, which, compared to touch probes, can collect many more data points in much less time.

Astro Machine Works specializes in machining precision parts and building custom machinery for a wide range of applications. The 75-person shop offers value-added services that include machine repair and rebuilding; welding and metal fabrication; and panel wiring and control system design. Its president says this enables the company to be a virtual one-stop shop for as much or as little manufacturing resources as its customers need.

The shop also offers reverse engineering services, a portion of its business that has grown steadily over the years. Initially, employees used conventional shop measurement devices to create hand drawings of parts to be recreated. Today, Astro Machine Works leverages portable CMM technology to speed and simplify part measurement so it can turn reverse engineering jobs faster and more accurately. Learn more