There’s More Than One Way to Carve a Pumpkin

Flow International shows off an unusual way to create a Halloween jack-o-lantern.


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Most people turn to kitchen knives and store-bought carving kits to turn their pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, but Flow International has an unconventional method: waterjets.
This video from the company’s Can Water Cut It? site features Flow Man, a hero dedicated to spreading the message that water can cut virtually anything. Flow Man proves this message in a series of videos that show waterjets cutting everything from a cake to a bowling ball, even an iPhone.
While the majority of those videos simply highlight the range of materials waterjets can cut, this particular example also demonstrates the technology’s accuracy in making complex cuts.
See more videos from Can Water Cut It? and learn more about waterjet technology from Flow International.

Happy Halloween! 

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