Time’s Almost Up to Take the 2019 Top Shops Benchmarking Survey

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The ninth annual Top Shops online benchmarking survey ends on February 28. There is still time to take advantage of this opportunity to learn how your operation stacks up against leading U.S. machine shops.


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Time flies. It is amazing that we’re on the ninth edition of our annual Top Shops benchmarking survey. It is also the case that this year’s online survey is coming to a close. The survey ends on February 28.

We provide the survey so that owners and managers of machine shops can compare their key performance indicators with leading U.S. machine shops. The survey does not only cover technology and shopfloor practices and performance, but also business strategies, workforce development and other front-office aspects of running a successful operation.

Here are a few common questions we receive about the survey. Please take the time to learn more and participate in this year’s survey before it is too late. You will find it to be worth your while.


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