Too Short for Swiss? Try This

The Quicktech TT-42 from Absolute Machine Tools is designed to provide the benefits of Swiss-type machining for parts that don’t require a guide bushing.


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Like those of a Swiss-type, the TT-42’s gang tools can get very close to the workpiece for stable machining. This diagram depicts the workzone of a model equipped with a swiveling B axis. 
Originally developed for the screw machine industry, Swiss-type lathes have become popular for single-setup production of small, complex components in virtually every sector. However, manufacturers entranced with Swiss-type's multitasking capabilities can forget that the guide bushing—the defining feature of the platform—can actually add to costs for parts that aren't sufficiently long and slender because it requires the use of costly ground barstock.
Perhaps the case isn't so much that manufacturers don't realize this, but rather that they feel there is no better alternative for parts with lower length-to-diameter ratios. After all, some smaller turn-mill configurations have drawbacks of their own when measured against a Swiss-type. Regardless, Absolute Machine Tools says it has an alternative. The QuickTech TT-42 turn-mill is designed to combine the advantages of both platforms to provide cost-effective machining of small parts that don't require a guide bushing. Click here to learn more.