Top Five Blog Posts: Celebrating Two Years

Our metalworking blog is officially two years old. Here is a look at the top five posts, along with some of our editors’ favorites.


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As the editors of MMS go to tradeshows, industry events and end-user shops, we discover interesting, useful and amusing insights into our industry and its technology. Blog posts give us a timely way to share those insights. It's the perfect place to offer video and other digital content. 
Over the past two years, the look and feel of the blog has changed. We’ve allowed comments on our posts (and are in the process of developing online terms of service). We’ve also launched “The Shop,” our weekly blog email. This “little” project has really taken off.
Here are the top five most-read posts from the past two years. Remember, some are older than others and have had more of a chance to be promoted in newsletters and other media outlets.
Now, here are some of our personal favorites:
Pete: “Out of all the posts I’ve done, my favorites are the ones that showcase some aspect of metalworking or manufacturing that we never would’ve covered without the blog.”
Mark: “My favorites have been the ones with a touch of humor or lightheartedness.”
Derek: “I appreciate a blog that enables me to interject a bit of humor into things.”
Matt: “I like being able to be more conversational and let some personality shine through.”
Emily: “My favorite posts are ones where I can include video. The blog is a great platform for including extra things that won’t work in our print magazine.”
We'd like to know what blogs have been your favorites. Tell us whythat'll help us find more of what you like. Join the conversation in the comments section below.