Vacuum Cleaning Systems for the Shop

Because different kinds of machining and manufacturing operations produce different kinds of chips, waste and debris, a shop should consider the right vacuum cleaning system for the task. An article from Vac-U-Max describes various types of vacuum cleaners and matches them with the cleanup chore for which they are most effective.


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Not all shop waste is created equal, and neither are vacuum cleaning systems. Certain types of vacuum cleaners are better than others for various types of chips, dust, coolant and sludge. This article by David Kennedy, general manager of the vacuum cleaning division at Vac-U-Max (Belleville, New Jersey) describes various types of vacuum cleaning systems and identifies the shopfloor cleaning task for which each type is best suited.

It is not a product guide to the company’s industrial cleaning offerings. Rather, it is a quick-read reference that shows how cleaning equipment has to be as specialized as the manufacturing processes generating the waste.

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