Valve Machining Video…Finally

Check out video of this interesting valve production machine.


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At IMTS, Mazak had an interesting valve-production machine at the front of its booth. I meant to take a video of it in action, but I got wrapped up in so many other obligations that I forgot to go back and do it. Luckily, I got the chance to see it again at the company’s recent open house for its Southwest Technology Center. This time I got video of it machining a demonstration valve component.

The Orbitec 20 is geared towards manufacturers of valves and similar large components. Well-suited for manufacturers in the energy industries, this machine is said to be a cost-effective valve body production center that completes more than 75 percent of valve applications in brass and steel in one setup while maintaining high tolerances. It is able to complete a variety of valve features, including facing of flange surfaces and conical boring of taper holes. Capabilities also include face and end milling.  


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