What Do Leading Shops Do? (In Five Tweets)

Leading machine shops have five things in common. Read Pete Zelinski’s series of tweets, and feel free to add to the list.


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At the Twitter address @Z_Axis_MMS, I recently posted this series of tweets:
What do leading machine shops do? 5 things in common. Let me know what you’d add to this list, which begins with the next tweet:
1- Take the value of people seriously. Give employees resources needed - tools, information, permission - to do jobs as well as they can.
2- Spend well. For important capabilities, keep the modernness of equipment high. Challenge staff to realize its potential.
3- Be deliberate in looking for waste. At all points of uncertainty in process, provide answers. Challenge employees to find better answers.
4- Develop specialties. Get to point of welcoming prototyping, b/c you assume production will come and customer assumes your shop'll do it.

5- Care about culture. Honesty a big part of engaging staff. Employees won’t devote themselves if they feel they have to protect themselves.