What’s Your Mission?

Opinions vary on the value of company mission statements.


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Opinions vary on the value of company mission statements. I feel they are vital for shops and manufacturers, but they must be carefully constructed. Here’s my take on this. And here’s a mission statement I found that does a bang-up job of capturing the shop’s credo while giving employees fundamental direction they need when facing tough decisions. It’s the mission statement for Baity’s Precision Machining in Arden, North Carolina.

“Our mission is to provide our customers with true value in all their dealings with us. What does true value mean? We will strive to understand our customer’s processes and problems. We will provide economically manufactured parts at a superior speed and quality, which meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations. We will apply the principles of employee development, advanced technology investment, experience and ingenuity to assist our customers in reducing their costs using the principles of continuous improvement.”

Pretty good, no?