Why Take the Top Shops Survey?

Learn why it’s valuable to participate in our fourth-annual Top Shops benchmarking survey this month.


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Click here to take the 2014 Top Shops benchmarking online survey. Click here if you’d like to print the survey questionnaire first.

Do you really know how well your machine shop stacks up against industry leaders? How does it compare in terms of machining strategies applied? What about set-up time? Spindle utilization? Quote-to-book ratio? Human resource practices? Take our fourth-annual Top Shops benchmarking survey, which runs now through February 19, and you’ll have a good idea.

We’ve gotten a good deal of positive feedback from those who have taken past Top Shops surveys. I encourage you to take this year’s survey, which runs through mid-February. Read this article to learn more about the 2014 survey, and check out our Top Shops Zone to see results from last year’s survey.