Breathers For The Brain

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STOP! Do not read this page now. Select your back button or another link in MMS Online. Come back here when you can't take any more news about You Know What In Chicago. I've jotted down some totally unrelated thoughts and observations that might provide a few moments of mental relief before you get back to business. When you need a break, sample a few to get your brain going again. Save some for later. You can get through this entire issue. Good luck!

Data is money.

Time no longer exists. Everything is now happening at once.

Marketing is logical thinking about other people's emotions.

Intelligent machines exacerbate the shortage of intelligent people.

Soon everybody will be in business for himself. "I Am Inc."

The more we understand about chaos, the more we know about order. Randomness is divine.

It is getting harder to tell little lies and easier to tell big ones.

The new paradigm is to have no paradigms.

In the near future, we may not be friends with everyone, but we will not be strangers to anyone.

Kindness is the only form of stupidity worth pursuing.

Are you getting enough ritual?

The value of money is directly proportional to one's access to the marketplace. Restrictions to that access are disappearing.

Belief in progress is the worst idolatry of our age.

The imagination is most creative when most constrained.

The geeks will inherit the earth.

Science is the business of figuring out what the last mystery will be.

Sensitivity empowers subtlety.

Love is Job One.

Guilt is to healthy morality what fiber is to a healthful diet.

Technology is a fancy word for know-how. He who has the most know- how wins.

Remember when "the common good" was a good reason to forego personal interests?

People with the strongest opinions often have the greatest incompetence.

Stuff too much gold in your pockets and your pants will fall down.

Logic: knowing how to think. Science: knowing how to know. Art: how to know about experience. Experience: knowing how to live.

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