CAM Software Market Leaders Named

CIMdata has named EDS PLM Solutions, IBM/Dassault Systemes, CNC Software and Open Mind Technologies as the 2002 worldwide CAM software market leaders. Each led in a different ranking.

CIMdata has named EDS PLM Solutions, IBM/Dassault Systemes, CNC Software and Open Mind Technologies as the 2002 worldwide CAM software market leaders. Each led in a different ranking. EDS PLM Solutions was identified as the largest CAM software supplier on the basis of dollar volume of NC software and services revenues received by a vendor. IBM/Dassault Systemes (IBM/DS) is the largest vendor on the basis of end user payments for NC software and services. This includes revenues received by the vendor and also those retained by business partners or resellers. CNC Software continues to be the market leader on the basis of number of software seats sold and installed in the industrial and educational markets. Open Mind was named the fastest growing vendor among the significant NC software suppliers.

CIMdata estimated that EDS PLM Solutions received $109 million in CAM-related product and services revenues in 2002, making it the largest software vendor in the world by this criteria. This revenue stream resulted in a 14.7 percent market share. The other vendors in the worldwide top five were IBM/Dassault Systemes, PTC, Hitachi Zosen and Delcam.

CIMdata considers the Unigraphics NX CAM offering, including the manufacturing modeling components, to be among the strongest product offerings in the industry. While some vendors are more advanced in specific areas of CAM, Unigraphics provides a robust capability across the entire CAM spectrum. Strengths include market presence, industry reputation in CAM, integration from design through manufacturing, breadth and depth of products, a strong knowledge-base capability, and technology leadership in mold base design, progressive die design, high speed machining and five-axis machining.

CIMdata estimated that the end user payments for Catia manufacturing-related products and services were $127 million in 2002. This gave IBM/Dassault Systemes a worldwide market share of 12.4 pecent. End user payments include revenues received by IBM business partners as well as that of IBM. On this basis, IBM/DS is positioned as the worldwide largest CAM vendor. Following IBM/DS in this ranking were EDS PLM Solutions, PTC, Hitachi Zosen and Delcam.

IBM/DS is in transition from Catia Version 4 to Catia Version 5. In 2002, Catia Version 5 Release 10 was introduced by Dassault Systemes. The company emphasizes the integration across products, knowledge exchange and high value of business interaction among customers. DS believes that the pervasiveness of knowledge in Catia V5R10 enables customers to capture and deploy best practices through custom-built applications. The company also cites a collaborative link between the manufacturing process planner and the worker on the shop floor with the DPM Shop Floor solution. As CAM content has been added, Catia V5 has become a competitive CAM offering.

CIMdata named CNC Software as the market leader on the basis of CAM seats shipped. CIMdata estimates that CNC Software shipped 3,945 seats of Mastercam into industrial environments and an additional 3,180 seats into the education market. CNC Software was also the worldwide market leader on the basis of CAM seats installed. PTC, EDS PLM Solutions, IBM/Dassault Systemes and Hitachi Zosen followed in the ranking of suppliers by seats shipped.

CIMdata views Mastercam as the de facto industry standard PC-based CAM software product. It is a well-known, competitively-priced, general-purpose product that provides a broad base of modeling and NC software capabilities. It is useful for most machining environments, from production machining operations in manufacturing firms to machining relatively complex surfaces in mold shops. It is well suited to job shops that have a range of machining requirements.

Open Mind was estimated to be the fastest growing vendor in 2002, with a revenue increase of 17.9 percent over 2001. Vero International, an English company, followed with a 16.5 percent revenue growth rate. Other firms in the top five were IBM/DS, Missler and DP Technology.

In 2002, Open Mind was purchased by Man and Machine, which is also a German company. Its primary revenue generating product, hyperMill, is embedded within Autodesk Inventor, Catia and thinkdesign CAD modules. Open Mind also provides hyperForm and hyperFact as standalone CAM systems with defined CAD functions. HyperMill and hyperForm are targeted at the mold, tool and die market. The comapny offers a strong three-axis multi-surface capability and has introduced unique capabilities in five-axis. It is building its sales distribution network and has more than 70 resellers.

This information is contained in Version 12 of the CIMdata NC Software and Services Market Assessment Report. This 222-page report measures and segments the CAM software market, ranks NC software suppliers and discusses market and technology trends. It can be purchased from CIMdata.