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Grooving, Cutoff and Multidirectional Turning

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This single-sided tool is designed to handle a range of applications, including cutoff, grooving, deep grooving, face grooving, side turning and profiling, in a single platform, simplifying the tooling selection process.


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As manufacturing continues to get more complex, choosing the right tooling for a given application can be quite complicated and time consuming. To address these challenges, Kennametal has developed a system designed to be less complicated to navigate and select, complimented by a simple approach for use.

Beyond Evolution is a single-sided grooving and cutoff system designed for deeper grooving capability than double-ended systems. A “Triple V” design with top, bottom and backside V-shaped seating in the holder pocket creates a pull-in effect for high stability for deep grooving, face grooving, side turning and profiling, among other applications.

Mark Filosemi, senior product manager with Kennametal, says while the system is designed for longer tool life and higher cutting speed, it also meets customers’ most common request—simplification of the selection process. “They wanted to stop leafing through hundreds of pages of catalogs and thousands of items because it was difficult, time consuming and expensive,” he explains.

Kennametal’s website presents a closer look at Beyond Evolution, with animation of the Active Coolant Control feature and videos demonstrating the system in various applications.


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