Is It Dumb Not to Have a Smartphone?

It seems that more and more advertisements are using QR codes to present extra information. What am I missing?

I don’t have a smartphone. Maybe it’s time to get one.
Last June, Senior Editor Derek Korn devoted his monthly commentary to his observations about the growing use of 2D matrix codes. He referred to an article that described how a tool presetter had these codes embedded in the glass plate, thus enabling the movable sensing unit to accurately determine its position for precise measuring purposes. He also mentioned that the similar, 2D QR (quick-response) codes were starting to show up in the magazine’s advertising. Readers, he said, could use their smartphones (with the right app) to instantly access a website, watch a video, get contact info or send message. At least eight advertisers in that issue had such codes.

I just checked our March issue. QR codes seemed to be all over the place. As a matter of fact, I could find 56 ads featuring the little checkerboard-like squares. That’s about a quarter of the ads. Of course, that means I am missing out on all these messages—because I don’t have a smartphone. And if I finally get one, my wife can stop bugging me to play “Words with Friends” with her. Because I’ll able to do that, too.