New MMS Online Features

We've been pretty busy adding new features to MMS Online. We've also improved a few existing ones.

We've been pretty busy adding new features to MMS Online. We've also improved a few existing ones. Next time you're online, why not check 'em out?

The MMS Online Survey

We've launched a new survey to get to know our online visitors better. Why? Because as we add features to MMS Online, we want to make sure we're focused on what it is you're looking for in the first place. So, whether you're a regular visitor to MMS Online, an occasional guest, or never been there before, check out and select the link to the survey. Submitting your survey automatically enters you in our online contest. One winner will be selected every two weeks. Prizes and other details are available at the site, and the contest will go on until further notice.

MMS Online Showrooms

In the past, selecting a company's name or banner anywhere within MMS Online transported you directly to that company's Web site. Now, consider MMS Online Showrooms a "launch pad" of sorts. Selecting any company's link delivers you to a page with consistent format, accurate contact information, and a wealth of other company-specific items, including MMS-produced data. If you're learning about companies, comparing company capabilities, or just surfing around, this format allows you to gather data without relying on other sites to deliver the goods. And, of course, you can still link directly to that company's site from their Showroom.

MMS Online Links Database

We here at MMS Online have always prided ourselves on presenting you with as many Web-based, machine tool-related options as possible. Well, we've upped the ante with a new, database-driven mechanism that lets you build a list of links on-the-fly, and allows us to keep those links more up-to-date than ever. Visit and give it a test drive.

Favorites Alert!

If you have MMS Online's Associations and/or Education pages saved to your browser's Favorites file, you're going to want to update them to only one link: MMS Online's Links Database. When we updated our Links Database, we took a long look at our other links and decided to consolidate them onto one page for convenience.

Give these new MMS Online features a whirl and, as always, let us know what you think.