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4/5/2005 | 2 MINUTE READ

On The Web, April 2005

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Train In Vain? U. S.


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Train In Vain?

U.S. manufacturing is in the midst of an unpleasant situation—a growing lack of qualified employees. We've taken it on our collective chin in recent years from today's youth, who see manufacturing as a technologically insignificant industry in decline, and an unsympathetic education system that doesn't see it as much more than that.

If you're a machining or metalworking professional, I want to remind you of an alternative that can help put you in control of your company's resources or your own career. ToolingU (www.toolingu.com) is the online training model for metalworking and machining. Founded in 1999, TU has grown its curriculum, tools and services to include something for just about everyone.

If you're an individual, TU provides the tools and support to make you a more valuable machining resource. A wealth of subjects and levels of complexity are available so that users can tailor training programs to specific goals.

If you're a manager, lead or owner of a machining business, TU offers the training tools and benefits that many large corporations would appreciate. The system allows organizations to assess their training needs through diagnostic tools, train employees as needed and measure the results of that training real-time.

There are no magic formulas to fix our employment crises. But if you're looking to improve your manufacturing employment opportunities and ROI, ToolingU may offer the resources to reduce the headache you have from banging your head against that particular wall.

Job Shop Site Of The Month

This month's highly acclaimed Web site belongs to a cousin of ours from the plastics side of the tracks. Connecticut Plastics, Inc. (www.connecticutplastics.com) uses CNC machining technologies to machine plastics parts as an alternative to processes such as molding. This distinctive position demands that CPI inform sourcing professionals of its unique capabilities, and it does a fantastic job of this through its site. First, look under "Why CT Plastics;" you'll find several pages that define the company's competencies, including a prominent page that lists the advantages of machining plastics over molds.

At the heart of this site is the "capabilities" section, where case studies and parts examples are found, along with equipment lists relating to specific technologies. By defining its uniqueness and strengths, and by showing how it has applied those strengths for others, it proves to the "stealth prospects" that visit its site that CPI can do it for them, too.

This site should offer you inspiration about how to differentiate your business through your own Web site. That is your site's most important role.

To have your site considered for Job Shop Site Of The Month, send your URL to otw@mmsonline.com.

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