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3/2/2004 | 1 MINUTE READ

On The Web, March 2004

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Metalworking Business Sites The following are a few sites that I think are worth a visit. For more metalworking links, visit


Metalworking Business Sites

The following are a few sites that I think are worth a visit. For more metalworking links, visit www.mmsonline.com/links.

emachineshop (www.emachineshop.com)—By combining Web functionality with software and “actual” machining methods, emachineshop’s goal is to streamline the design/model, collaboration and bidding/award processes for discrete parts manufacturing as a sort of applications service provider. emachineshop’s goals are lofty; there’s no telling if it will succeed long-term. But if you don’t take inspiration from this model and recognize the potential in this pioneer’s efforts, then you might consider not having a Web site for your business at all.

The Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP) (www.spacetech solutions.com)—SATOP is a cooperative program between Florida, New Mexico, New York and Texas. It is a free service designed to provide engineering assistance and speed the transfer of space technology to the private sector, but it’s not limited to companies in those states. Through this service, your business can receive up to 40 hours of free technical assistance from NASA-based engineers. SATOP’s goal is to provide resolutions in fewer than 90 days. It is said to have helped companies with machine design, process engineering, materials selection and many other technical issues.

TechSolve (www.techsolve.org)—TechSolve is the former Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences (IAMS). It is a non-profit, offering myriad services to help small and large manufacturing outfits improve their machining processes. It also offers assistance with other aspects of running a manufacturing business. Its updated Web presence offers access to lots of relevant information, products and links, including strong machining, training and employment support. TechSolve is set up to support your business, and it may offer a viable option as you look to decipher machining mysteries. TechSolve claims a network of more than 200 member companies, and is centrally located in Ohio.

Job Shop Site Of The Month

Diversified Manufacturing (www.dmimfg.com), a New York-based machining business, has created an impressive, professional online presence. While its site seems abbreviated for the complexities of its business, the company does a good job of stating its capabilities—its “See Our Shop In Action” and product line sections are creative and effective.

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