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12/1/1997 | 1 MINUTE READ

Send In Your Renewal Card Now

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A credit card. A chain letter.

A credit card. A chain letter. A ballot. A library card. A sweepstakes come-on. Over the years, I've used all of these comparisons in my annual appeal urging everyone who has a free subscription to Modern Machine Shop to send in their renewal card. This renewal card is attached to the front cover of this issue and it's time to send it in so you can continue receiving your own copy each month. This year I'm sticking to plain talk to deliver this message.

This card allows us to reaffirm your interest in the magazine; update any changes in your address, job title, company data, and so on; and verify that you are still qualified for a free subscription based on your involvement in manufacturing where metalworking operations are performed.

One big reason to renew is that next year, your subscription will be more valuable than ever. Modern Machine Shop will be coming to you with a new added dimension. In 1998, the articles, columns, and departments in each issue will be augmented and enhanced by an Internet resource. Readers who access our new Web site will find a compelling synergy developing between the in-print and online aspects of Modern Machine Shop.

Even our Postpaid Reader Service Card will be changing in 1998. Instead of circling the numbers corresponding to editorial items or advertised products you want more information about, you'll be asked to enter the numbers into fill-in boxes on the card before mailing. But for even faster service, you'll be able to enter the same numbers in identical boxes on a page of our new Web site for instant electronic processing.

The rest of the in-print magazine will be as useful and information-packed as always. Actually, it'll be even better. All of your favorite expert columnists and reporters will be back, with new ideas and insightful observations. We'll be out to more plants and shops to bring back the latest on how new machine tools and metalworking techniques are being applied in smart, practical and profitable ways. News about products and services from leading metalworking suppliers will round out every issue as well.

So don't lose out—fill out, sign and mail the postage-free renewal card today and we won't have to ask again till next December. And all year, you can keep up with what's happening in this dynamic industry of ours.