Streamline Your Search for new Machine Tools

Trying to determine what specific new mill, lathe or grinding machine to buy? An online resource with comprehensive machine model specs can help you identify the right one for your application.


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Printed trade publications and web sites have different roles. When integrated properly, though, they complement each other very well. This is what we work to achieve with Modern Machine Shop magazine and MMS Online. In print, Modern Machine Shop is a discovery tool. Each month, you can learn about new machining technologies that you may not be aware of (because you can’t Google something if you don’t know it exists).Once you’ve identified equipment that might make your shop more competitive, you then can go to MMS Online to start your research, culling information about specific equipment models and their builders.

To streamline such online research, we’ve integrated Techspex within MMS Online. In short, Techspex is a huge, yet easily searchable, database of new machine tool model specs. Nick Bloom, president of Techspex, says the machine tool selection utility typically saves buyers as much as eight hours of preliminary research as they identify suitable suppliers to consider.

There are currently more than 600 machine tool brands and more than 7,500 new machine models within the Techspex database. The primary database interface is organized by machine type. From there, you can find builders and distributors along with specific models of lathes, mills, grinding machines, EDMs, CMMs, presses or saws they offer. A model search form enables you to define important machine features to help you find the machines that best meet your needs.

Search results provide model-specific data that can be listed and printed for side-by-side comparisons. For many models, photos, technical notes, editorials and videos are included with the machine specs. After finding the machines that match your criteria, the system makes it easy to generate model-specific RFQs that are automatically e-mailed to the machine builders and distributors in your region.

Look for links to Techspex throughout MMS Online. Most of the machine tool builders’ showrooms on our site include Techspex links that display a full list of their models. Those showrooms can be found by performing a company name search on MMS Online, selecting the “Suppliers” tab at the top of our site or clicking on a company’s name in “Learn More” boxes included with all of our online articles.

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