Take the Top Shops Survey, Get a Custom Report

The 2018 Top Shops online benchmarking survey is now open. Participate to receive a custom report comparing your responses to all other participants.


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Our eighth-annual Top Shops benchmarking survey is now live at survey.mmsonline.com/topshops and will remain open through the end of February. If you are a regular reader of Modern Machine Shop, you’re likely aware of what this is all about and possibly have even participated in the past (and if you have, thank you).

In short, the survey enables shops of all types and sizes to see how they compare against leading U.S. machining operations in terms of tactics and metrics in categories including machining technology, shopfloor practices, business strategies and human resources/workforce development. 

In the past, we provided participants with a general Executive Summary as one of the main survey takeaways. This Executive Summary showed how the answers from the top-20-percent benchmarking group we calculated compared with the other 80 percent of shops that participated in the survey.

We’ll still provide a similar overview and will highlight interesting findings and trends in an upcoming issue of the magazine. However, in working closer with our company’s Gardner Intelligence group to provide additional value to our readers, we’re now offering custom reports that list and rank your individual responses to the survey’s quantitative questions against other applicable participants. The goal in developing these reports is not just to offer a baseline performance “report card” of sorts, but to help eliminate the need to rely on gut feelings as a method of identifying and prioritizing your shop’s improvement efforts.

The custom reports use box plots to provide a visual means to quickly interpret the data set distribution for each question. Your value for each question is shown with a yellow line that indicates where your response falls with relation to the median, quartiles, and minimum and maximum response values. Your report also will show your overall rank in the survey and, based on your rank for individual questions, will highlight areas where your operation is performing strongly, where it’s on track/on par with others and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Your specific responses will not be shared with anyone else.

As in years past, we’ll also offer the survey’s Honors Program, in which we profile four shops selected from the top-20-percent benchmarking group that performed particularly well in one of the survey’s four main categories. In addition, we plan to present a Top Shops workshop at the International Manufacturing Technology Show this September that follows the lead of our successful inaugural Top Shops conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, last September.

Visit mmsonline.com/zones/topshops to access information from past surveys, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I hope to see your shop’s name in the list of participants this year.