We Are Counting on Our Print Subscribers

Originally titled 'We Are Renewing. Will You?'

In print, every word counts. In print, every subscriber counts. 

Many subscribers who receive the print edition of Modern Machine Shop will find a yellow note tag on the front cover of the September 2017 issue. The note is a friendly reminder to those recipients to please renew their subscriptions (easily done by going to mmsonline.com/subscribe or emailing us at subscribe@mmsonline.com). For these tagged subscribers, not renewing now will mean that the print edition of MMS will stop being mailed to them each month.

There are many good reasons to keep receiving the paper-and-ink version of this magazine. For one, it’s a great way to get information, especially the information you didn't know you needed or could use. Paging through a magazine lets you discover what’s new—new processes, new products, new suppliers and new users who are sharing their experiences with new processes, new products and new suppliers. These user stories are likely to be rather in-depth studies of how developments and advances in metalworking or shop management are playing out in the real world. This as-lived context makes the sometimes complex technical details and theoretical concepts easier to grasp and more readily absorbed. The print experience reinforces this receptive mindset.

For another reason, you’ll want to see and enjoy the new, fresh look of this magazine starting in January 2018. We are making the “print experience” even more inviting, more readable and more colorful to showcase articles and features that will also be more timely, more topical and more actionable (full of ideas you can put into practice). We are working hard on this renewal, so we’ve made subscription renewal hardly any work at all.

Plus, 2018 is an “IMTS year,” which means that several issues will provide thorough coverage of the International Manufacturing Technology Show, North America’s most important technology event next year.

Other reasons to resubscribe are worth mentioning as well. Subscribers get special offers; event discounts; survey result previews; and (if an email address is provided) advance notice of webinars, conferences and other activities. Being a regular reader of our monthly issues also builds a foundation for getting the most from our online and digital resources at mmsonline.com. What you discover in print can easily lead to meaningful research and technical exploration in our digital world.

So, if you are currently a print subscriber, it’s because you qualify according to our guidelines for building the best and most receptive audience for metalworking know-how. In fact, information about our qualified subscribers must be checked and verified for our circulation to be certified by an independent auditing agency. We encourage all subscribers to renew once a year. New-subscriber wannabes are also welcome.

It is an honor and a privilege to receive this magazine in print, just as it is an honor and a privilege for us to serve our subscribers. Renew your subscription (or subscribe for the first time) here.