The Power of Truly Predictive Technologies

November 13

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Unplanned equipment downtime can kill your productivity and quickly reduce profitability. While machine monitoring solutions report on equipment status, they have NOT been able to monitor machine health to alert you to issues before they happen -- Until now. Join us to learn about the cutting edge of Makino’s predictive technology, why it works, and what considerations are most important as you select your predictive solution.

Primary Topics:

  • Costs associated with unplanned capital equipment downtime
  • Makino’s approach to working towards elimination of unplanned downtime

John Einberger
Product Line Manager, Makino
John Einberger currently acts as Makino’s Product Manager for horizontal machining centers. He has served Makino customers since 1995, in roles ranging from Production Machining Applications Engineer – responsible for executing metal-cutting turnkeys; direct selling of machining center products in his home state of Wisconsin during Makino’s start-up direct sales venture there; management of the Production Machining Proposal Engineering Group in the Makino Mason headquarters; and most recently as a contributor to Makino’s Marketing Department in his current role. Prior to joining Makino, John served as an Intelligence Analyst in the United Stated Air Force and holds both a Master of Science Degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.