Decrease Your Machining Time with CAD/CAM Products and Newly Developed Tooling Technology!

March 20

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Using Technology in cutting tools to achieve faster machining times and better surface finish for positional and simultaneous 5 axis machining. A closer look at the tooling for High Performance Cutters (HPC) and High Feed Cutters (HFC) and their perfectly developed strategies for milling using Tebis cutting solutions. Learn from the experts at Mitsubishi Cutting Tools and Tebis on how to improve your machining and get more out of your machine. Learn when to use what tool and the applications of the various Circle Segment tooling solutions. 

Primary Topics: 
- Achieving longer tool life with better strategies that match the tool technology 
- Faster material removal for roughing via advanced technology 
- Higher cutting speeds and feeds achievable 
- Higher process reliability with shorter machining times lead to lower manufacturing costs. 

Presenters: Michael Thiessen and Takuro Sato 
Michael Thiessen is the Sales Manager for Tebis America. Michael has over twenty five years of experience in Machining / CAD CAM technologies, and has been with Tebis America for over fifteen years holding various positions. His experience in cutting technologies, the Tebis software solution and his ability to advise and guide clients have benefited hundreds of companies. 

Takuro Sato, Technical Applications Manager at Mitsubishi Materials has been in field of manufacturing since 2001. Previously he worked for EDM/HSM for 14 years before joining with Mitsubishi Hitachi team. As technical application manager, he has been helping customers select best tools, better approach to the issues they face every day.