Gamechanger – How COVID-19 is changing Sourcing & Supply Chain Strategies.

April 29 - May 20, 2020


Gamechangers – How COVID-19 is changing the Sourcing & Supply Chain Strategies.

This four-part webinar series, presented Gardner Business Media and the Reshoring Initiative will deliver real data, proven strategies and successful use cases that will empower procurement professionals to shorten and strengthen their supply chain by sourcing parts and services locally. 

Each webinar will feature reshoring expert and US manufacturing advocate, Harry Moser, alongside thought leaders from Gardner Business Media’s editorial, intelligence and executive teams. 

The series’ first webinar “COVID-19 Supply Chain Wake-Up Calls for Reshoring Now,” will look specifically at how the novel Coronavirus elevated the already existing vulnerabilities in US’s reliance on longer, more complex off-shored supply chains. 

The progressive webinar series will move from a detailed overview of reshoring to more focused views on cases for and case studies on reshoring and local sourcing planning / preparedness for OEMs, contract manufacturers and how the governement can and should play a role in the Made In America manufacturing imperative. 

Source Smart Series, Volume 1:
COVID-19 Supply Chain Wake-Up Calls for Reshoring Now!

COVID-19 has revealed deadly shortages of medical products due to 90 to 95% dependence on imports, especially from China. Government and companies are scrambling to implement short-term emergency assembly and create domestic sources for critical imported components. Similar dependence is true in many key industry sectors including defense materiel. It is now clear: shorter supply chains are stronger, more competitive supply chains. We will demonstrate that shorter supply chains are also more profitable for OEM and supplier for 20 to 40% of products. Tools to identify the 20 to 40% will be provided.

  • That reshoring is profitable for 20-40% of what you and your customers now import
  • How to identify the products most eligible to reshore
  • How to quantify the costs and risks of offshoring
  • How to convince companies to reshore and buy from you