First Article Inspection and Reporting in Minutes

June 19

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Verisurf Software will present an open platform strategy for rapid quality inspection and reporting from first article to full production across the manufacturing enterprise. Using Boeing D6-51991 Rev L as a sample process we will demonstrate how to implement Verisurf software and the latest hardware technology to quickly create compliant first article inspection reports that satisfy the customer’s requirements followed by full-scale production CMM programming, operation and quality reporting.

Learn How:

· To review Model Based Definition (MBD) authority dataset, perform translation validation and alignment transformation reporting.

· To create inspection plans for ‘shop floor portable’ and ‘measurement lab programmable’ CMMs that accelerate production.

· To use MBD CAD models with intelligent GD&T annotations to automate inspection planning.

· To leverage open standards-based software that empowers manufacturing companies to reduce cost.

· To deliver customized inspection plans with point feature ID maps that gain fast source inspector approval.

· A single user interface lowers training, technical support, and software maintenance costs.

· To implement what you just learned to make improvements in your manufacturing. 

Presenters: David Olson and Nick Merrell

David Olson is a Mechanical Engineer with 10-years of experience designing and prototyping aerospace electromechanical systems at General Dynamics and Raytheon. While working as an engineer David earned his master’s Degree in Engineering Management and progressively transitioned into sales and marketing as a CAD/CAM Application Engineer and Technical Marketing Director for a Finite Element Analysis company purchased by SolidWorks, National Sales Manager for Roland DGA before joining Verisurf Software as Director of Sales & Marketing in 2011.  David is a member of SME, ASME and SAE.

Nick Merrell has 15-years of machining, programming and quality management experience.  Before joining Verisurf Software in 2016 as Technical Operations Manager, Nick had already been a user of the software for 12-years, with extensive practical experience in advanced quality inspection and reporting processes, including: Model-Based Definition (MBD); Model-based inspection using intelligent GD&T; in-process inspection; reverse engineering; quality reporting; data management and training.