Data-Driven Machining: How to Optimize your Machining Process with Minimum Interruption to Production

June 04, 2019

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Effective machining process improvement and optimization relies on evaluation of the right data with minimum disruption to production. Data-driven evaluation and testing of six key elements of machining can solve today’s challenges on both legacy and state-of-the-art machines and build a foundation for competitiveness into the emerging era of Industry 4.0’s digitized operations. 

Primary Topics: 

  • How to improve part quality, production efficiency and reduce costs
  • Six key elements of machinability evaluations and their outputs
  • Machinability evaluation options that minimize disruption to your production 


Steve Clark, Director of Engineering at TechSolve, Inc. 

Steve Clark is a results-driven engineer with a passion for all things metal. Steve’s expertise is in delivering solutions to manufacturers of gas turbine engines, aircraft and engine components as well as a vast assortment of other high temperature machinery and systems. 

George Adinamis, Senior Engineer – Manufacturing Process Solutions at TechSolve, Inc. 

George develops machining process plans from simple to complex machined parts for the aerospace, automotive industrial, medical, and off-road industries. Through machinability studies, George validates specific recommendations that help manufacturers reduce production costs, increase part quality and optimize their processes without interrupting customer operations.