Digitalization – you’re closer than you may think

October 20

It seems like almost every day we hear something about Digitalization, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things or some variation thereof. But what does this actually mean to the average business owner, and more importantly how can you ensure that you’re not left behind. It can be a very overwhelming discussion; however, you may be a lot closer than you think. 

Join Siemens in exploring how Digitalization is not only for the large enterprise, but in fact is already occurring in small manufacturing businesses today. See how simple steps can begin to move you further down this road leading to more efficient and profitable production. 

Primary Topics: 
• Find out how you can position yourself on the road to Digitalization 
• Discover the digital steps you may already be taking, but didn’t realize 
• See how the return on your control investment will bring greater returns on your machines, your people and your operations 
• Learn how key tools such as the digital twin of the machine and the Cloud for real-time data analytics will increase your manufacturing productivity 

Presenter: Chris Pollack 
Having first apprenticed as a Class-A machinist in the early 1990s, Chris Pollack has held a number of positions in the machine tool industry. He’s worked with companies like Fryer Machine Systems as an application engineer; MSC Industrial Supply as a metalworking specialist, where he worked closely with leading cutting tool manufacturers and end-users; and now Siemens as the Virtual Technical Application Center (TAC) Manager, where he supports SINUMERIK CNC users from an operation and programming perspective, plus application training, service training, and sales training. Chris also supports the Siemens CNC portfolio through the development and execution of training curriculums. As the Virtual TAC manager, he leverages his extensive knowledge of 3-, 4- and 5-axis milling and multi-axis, advanced turning. 

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