Do You Know the Key Criteria When Choosing an ERP?

December 14

Are you in the process of evaluating Manufacturing ERP software solutions? Do you want to avoid the costly mistakes of purchasing the wrong solution for your business? Or maybe you have already purchased a solution and are surprised by additional costs that weren’t originally disclosed to you, and you want to get out before you get in too deep? 

This informative webinar will focus on explaining what to consider, and what to avoid, when selecting an ERP solution. The panel of experts will focus on explaining why delaying an ERP purchasing decision may be costly for your business, how to select an industry-specific ERP, and what to consider after your ERP investment. 

The panelists have over 50 years of combined ERP consulting experience, and they know a thing or two about the ins and outs of the ERP landscape… and they are ready and willing to share with you what other ERP companies won’t disclose. 

Primary Topics: 
1. Delaying the ERP decision 
2. The most important criteria when choosing an ERP System 
3. True cost of ERP 
4. Item-based vs. job-based ERPs 
5. You invested in an ERP, now what? (Why implementation, training and support should be top of mind.) 

- Jonathan Eisenbrei - National Sales Director 
- Lisa O’Flaherty - Principal Solutions Engineer 
- Rachel Hansen - Director of Professional Services

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