Metal 3D Printing for Service Bureaus and Machine Shops

February 24, 2021

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3D-modeled parts

A new generation of office-friendly and mass-production metal 3D printing solutions offer service bureaus and machine shops an opportunity to service a broader set of customers with an expanded array of applications, ranging from one-offs, to batch (or even mass) production of metal parts.






  • Review the new generation of additive manufacturing approaches to metal 3D printing
  • Survey early adopter applications and case studies
  • Explore part selection guidelines, cost models, and ROI considerations



Ethan Rejto

Technical Marketing Manager, Desktop Metal

Ethan is a Technical Marketing Manager at Desktop Metal. With a background in mechanical engineering, Ethan worked at Onshape (now PTC) and MIT Lincoln Labs before joining Desktop Metal. At Desktop Metal, Ethan is responsible for working with customers to help turn their successes with metal 3D printing into case studies, presentations, and more.