How to Keep Your Air Clean in Today's Modern Machine Shop: Which Technology is Right for Your Application?

November 04, 2020

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Did you know that an Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) collector can be more effective in cleaning the air in a cold heading/thread-rolling application than a media-style mist collector? What clean air technology works best for a CNC machining facility? With the latest in technology and the improvements in media, it is important to know which is most effective.

Air pollution control is important. The health and safety of your employees are critical. Plus, you want to present a positive environment for your visiting customers. Owners, Facilities and Maintenance Managers, and Environmental Engineers must be cognizant of the effects airborne particulates and how to rectify problems. Learn why the different technologies can transform your air.

Primary Topics:

  • Two types of collection equipment: ESP and media-style collectors
  • Air pollution control
  • Both ambient and source capture designs will be discussed
  • Your unique application may require a different technology to efficiently clean your air


John K. Milius

Business Development Manager, Parker Hannifin

John has been solving customer challenges in the Air Pollution Control Industry for 15 years as a Distributor, Regional Sales Manager, and Business Development Manager.