Key Insights on Machining Technology and How Top Shops Stay Successful

June 21

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Top Shops is more than a benchmarking program. The years of data collected on more than 2,000 machine shops provides a wealth of information on the machining technology – from machine tools to tooling to software - that drives high performance at machine shops. Learn what types of equipment and machining strategies that the most successful machine shops have put in place to make them Top Shops.

Primary Topics

  • The most important machine types, tooling strategies, workholding strategies, ancillary equipment, software, and machining strategies that distinguish Top Shops from other shops
  • What technologies drive higher capital equipment investment at Top Shops
  • The key things not to do to ensure a shop is using the capacity it has in place
  • The critical importance of tooling strategies to a shop's success

Steven Kline, Jr.
Chief Data Officer

Steven Kline, Jr. has been providing financial analysis and economic forecasts for Gardner Publications, Inc. since 2005. While he has a degree in civil engineering from Vanderbilt University and a MBA with an emphasis on finance from the University of Cincinnati, Steven views forecasting as more of an art than a science. Therefore, his analysis focuses on trends between different data sets to determine where the economy may be headed.