Integrating NC Manufacturing Data to Help Make Better Decisions

June 18

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Manufacturers are attempting to understand and implement the “digital twin.” With more NC manufacturing data available, choosing the best data, using it efficiently, and optimizing processes are key to reducing costs and improving efficiency. Software interoperability connects CAD/CAM systems, PLM systems, Tooling databases, Cloud-based downloadable resources, and CNC machines, providing realistic and accurate data. Learn how companies can make better business decisions by simulating CNC machines in a robust virtual environment (versus in reality). 

Primary Topics: 

  • Simulation software's connectivity in the NC Manufacturing environment
  • What data to seek, what to avoid, and why
  • How simulation interoperability and "good" data help drive smart decisions
  • How physics-based software tools help with optimization and analysis 


Jeff Voegele, VERICUT Product Specialist 
Jeff Voegele has been a VERICUT Product Specialist with CGTech since 2016. Mr. Voegele has over 24 years’ experience in CNC manufacturing experience, and over 15 years’ using Creo (Pro/E). He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1994. After earning his degree, Mr. Voegele was an Applications Engineer for PTC resellers, then worked at Solar Turbines as a CAM Technical Manager managing their CNC Programming and Manufacturing Integration groups, with his most recent role as a 6 Sigma Black Belt prior to joining CGTech.