Technology Integration and its Profound Impact for Manufacturers

May 08

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In today’s environment, manufacturers are being challenged at every turn to deliver products faster, better, and more competitively than their industry counterparts. While working harder can deliver some results, working smarter more often provides the needed competitive edge. By integrating the right machining and automation technologies, manufacturers can drastically increase both production levels and revenues. 

Primary Topics: 
- Use technology to reduce direct labor cost and operational expenses 
- Compare manned and automated production operations 
- Develop consistency by standardizing processes 
- Preview select integrated technologies 

Presenter: Wade Anderson 
Wade Anderson is a machinist by trade who started programming machine tools in 1992. His early years were spent working for companies machining large, heavy equipment components. Wade became an applications engineer for a machine tool builder, where he spent eleven years developing super abrasive aerospace and medical processes with an emphasis on five-axis grinding. He did a lot of five-axis programming and machine tool troubleshooting—even building machine tools from the ground up. Wade joined Okuma America Corporation in 2005 as an applications engineer and moved from there into inside sales, sales engineering, and regional sales management. He was recently promoted to Product Specialist Sales Manager and Tech Centers Manager, where his diverse background enables him to help Okuma’s distributors and end users go beyond their manufacturing challenges.