How digitalization will transform your mold making operations

September 21

Is your mold-making process affecting productivity, part quality and competitiveness? To achieve a new level of efficiency you’ll need to digitalize the entire manufacturing process - from the tooling design to production on the shop floor. 

Join our webinar to learn how to transform your tool making operations using an integrated manufacturing software solution. You’ll hear how a successful mold maker, Haidlmair, gains a competitive advantage with a digitalized manufacturing process that enables them to: 
• Drive a model-driven process with one system 
• Produce high-quality tooling while reducing risks using a digital twin 
• Accelerate production by reusing knowledge 
• Connect people and equipment with a digital thread 

Take the first step toward transforming your business by participating in our webinar to learn about Siemens’ NX CAD, CAM and CMM software solutions for digitalized manufacturing of tooling. 

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