Cobot Installations: Just How Easy Are They?

July 15

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Automation can be intimidating, especially when trying to install robots in-house. Collaborative robots have changed the landscape of self-integration, making it easier than ever. In this webinar you will learn the basics of cobots and how to select the right one for your application. You will discover the ease of programming and hear about some success stories from the field.


Primary Topics:

  • Cobot basics
  • How to select the right cobot for the application
  • Ease of programming and rapid deployment with the UR+ ecosystem
  • Tips from manufacturers that have self-integrated


Michael DeGrace
Channel Development Manager, Universal Robots
Michael DeGrace graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biological Engineering and is an experienced sales engineer with proficiency in manufacturing, components, and collaborative robots. Michael has worked as a Sales Development Manager at Universal Robots since early 2018 and is responsible for territory development in Southwestern United States.