The Future Is Modular - Don't Be Left Behind

May 02

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Today's consumer market is changing. Demand for quality and thrift is rising and manufacturers are implementing massive improvements on the shop floor via advanced machines and palletized, modular fixturing, while inspection labs are only now seeing vast improvements in machines and software. However, new machines and software only provide benefit when inspection is actually taking place. By embracing modularity and palettization, inspection labs can now keep up with shop floor; virtually eliminating downtime, inspecting more parts faster and uncovering hidden profits. The Future is Modular, Don’t Be Left Behind! 

Primary Topics: 
- Finding profit in changing consumer demand 
- Inspection labs that keep up with the shop floor 
- What is modular inspection? 
- Imagine the future of manufacturing 

Presenters: Allan DeLeslie and Eric Meehan 
Allan Delisle lives to improve the future of manufacturing. His sales experience, mechanical background, enthusiasm and bleeding-edge communication techniques serve to reach and provide solutions for customers today and well into the future. He's supporting the growing need for LEAN quality solutions in todays advanced manufacturing environment. 

With more than 15 years in the industrial supply market, Eric Meehan, President, WK Coleman Co. specializes in modular, quick change, work holding systems. Customers turn to Eric for his expertise in providing accelerated manufacturing solutions.