How to Replace Printed Job Sheets, Improve Production Performance and Maximize CNC Machine Productivity

June 28

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Establishing a connected network of processes within a job shop will give manufacturers an overview of performance data that can be shared upstream, to help guide decisions to remove inefficiencies. 

During this webinar, we will demonstrate a workflow; starting in Autodesk PowerMill CAM software and making our way through real-time production using Autodesk Fusion Production, including scheduling, tracking and CNC machine monitoring. 

Discover how these tools enable a digital workflow, so you can get on the path to smart manufacturing. 

During this session you will learn how to: 
• Create and optimize NC programs. 
• Create and populate digital work instructions and track production status. 
• View CNC machine analytics. 
• Understand how production data can be used to identify underperforming processes and improve performance 

Presenter: Justin Ferguson 

Justin joined Autodesk after Delcam acquisition in 2015. He received his Manufacturing Engineering Degree from CalPoly Pomona and has a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing having worked over 5 years in both Aerospace and Automotive Production shops in the California area. Justin is now based in Torrance, California and works for Autodesk as a Technical Specialist supporting the Autodesk CAM and Robotics products.