Chasing the Clock

November 16, 2020

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internal photo of the OKK HM-X8000

Twenty-four, seven, fifty-two, three hundred sixty-five. All of these increments come back to one finite number: 8,760. 8,760 is the number of hours in a year. Every day we spend time trying to maximize the limited hours in our work day, chasing the clock, and get more production without taxing employees. Every day of every week spent fitting in as much as we can into our hours of operation, when the number we are all should be looking at is 8,760. Is it possible to make your shop productive for 8,760, or how about even through all 168 hours in any given week? Hear from John Lucier, Automation Manager at Methods, on how shops can increase their shops productivity through lights out machining and stop worrying about chasing the clock.





Primary Topics:

  • How to increase production through automation
  • Lights-out machining



John Lucier

Methods Automation Manager, Methods Machine Tools

John has been working at Methods for over 15 years focused on automation and currently serves as the Methods Automation Manager.