Machining Problems Solved with Pre-Machined Aluminum Plates

October 21, 2020

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When machining aluminum, you might be facing material challenges such as part distortion, deformation, and unaesthetic finish.

Those issues are increasing the amount of scrap and part rejection, set up and machining time, overall increasing your cost. Using the right aluminum for your machining jobs will solve your problems; from small or large series, complex or asymmetric parts, final tolerance, aesthetic finish.

Constellium has developed Alplan® - high-grade aluminum plates - fully optimized in terms of material properties allowing machine shops to decrease machining cycle time. This webinar will present how using the right aluminum can overcome most of the challenges, including case studies demonstrating time and cost savings.

Primary topics:

  • Up to 3x more stable and 15x better flatness compared to standard milled finish
  • Demonstrated improvement in machining cycle time by eliminating the set ups and low values machine passes
  • Positive impact on material needs by reducing the risk of part rejection and potential rework
  • Available in different aluminum alloys; 6061 and 7075 (AMS spec)


Andrew Cordell
Segment Sales Manager, Constellium
Andrew Cordell joined Constellium in 2013. Through is 28-year career in the industrial metals market, Andrew held various roles in sales, marketing, product development, and general management. He received an MBA from The Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University.

Ken Blake
Business Development Director, Constellium
Ken Blake joined Constellium in 2011. Ken started his career as a machinist apprentice for General Electric (Lynn, MA) in 1985, holding various managerial positions throughout his career. Ken earned his Associate of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering at North Shore Community College and Bachelor of Arts degree in Management at Lesley University.